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Children & Young people.

I have many years experience of counselling children and young people. I have worked in both Primary and Secondary Educational settings as well as colleges. I have experience of working with young people with special educational needs both academic and behavioural.

I am aware of the issues that affect young people and how very difficult it can be at times for them to make sense of the world and their place in it.
I provide a non-judgemental environment where they can feel safe to explore what is worrying them.

Whilst some clients do prefer to talk and are able to verbalise their feelings, I recognise that counselling this client group is very different from the type of therapies offered to adults other. Some younger clients may find expressing themself through creative play more beneficial. I believe in offering choices to all my clients and I encourage the use of a variety of different mediums, including clay work, puppets, sand-tray therapy as well as paint and therapeutic story work. 

As with all counselling, young people have a right to a confidential counselling service.They need to feel safe to discuss whatever is worrying them, and to know that what they say to me will not be discussed with anyone else. Exceptions to this would include reported acts of terrorism or drug trafficking. I may have to break confidentiality to keep a client safe if they are intent on taking their own life or of seriously harming someone else. This is quite rare and I encourage my clients to ask any questins about confidentiality concerns they may have in our initial assessment so that there is no confusion.

These are some of the more common issues young people may bring to counselling.
I have experience of working with the following:

Academic stress
Anxiety/Panic attacks
Bereavement and Loss
Domestic violence
Eating dissorders
Relational issues
School Phobia
Sexual abuse

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